12 Days of Workouts, Day 4

AMRAP 30 minutes:

  • 1 tuck jump
  • 2 wall walks
  • 3 inchworm to plank jack
  • 4 froggers
  • 5 burpees
  • 6 jump lunge each
  • 7 diamond push ups
  • 8 lateral hop squats
  • 9 mountain climber each
  • 10 shuffle touch total



A: tuck jumps

B1,2,3,&4: inchworm to plank jacks

C1,2,&3: froggers

D1&2: lateral hop squats (not pictured the squat)

E1,2,&3: Burpees 😉

F1&2: Shuffle touch


Exercise tips:

Not pictured: Wall walks, diamond push ups, jump lunge, & mountain climbers

Wall walks- please google how to do these, I did not have a place to demo these, since my only available “wall” space was the door seen behind me here 🙂

Diamond push ups- place your hands with your finger tips pointed towards each other (normal push ups your fingers face forward). Your fingers do not have to touch, start with your hands far apart and as you get stronger move them in closer and closer until you can actually touch your fingers (the inside of your fingers will look like a diamond at this point)

Jump lunges- are alternating lunges with a jump in between if you can

Inchworm- take your time on the bend over and walk out, you will feel your hamstrings stretch here and then your abs will be contracting to keep you steady on the rest of the walk out

Froggers & tuck jumps- be careful on the landing, keep your knees safe (not locked out), and keep the knees behind the toes when necessary

12 Days of Workouts, Day 3

Day 3! You are introduced to a new “fitness term” today, “EMOM”, which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. The idea of EMOM’s are that you work hard on the designated exercise(s) whenever a new minute starts, and rest until the next minute starts.

For example: the first set has 30 jumprope, 5 sumo squats, and rest for 6 rounds. I would do 30 invisible (or real if you have one) jumpropes, and right in 5 sumo squats (pictured below). If it takes me 35 seconds to finish my jumprope and sumo squats, I have 25 seconds of rest until the next minute (round) begins. Think of it as a reward for your hard work- you work hard and at an efficient pace for the designated exercises, then rest with your remaining time for your ‘reward’


EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute: 6 minutes (6 rounds)

  • 30 jumprope
  • 5 sumo squats
  • Rest with remaining time

Rest 60 seconds before next round

EMOM: 6 minutes

  • 10 front jacks
  • 10 power jacks
  • Rest with remaining time

Rest 60 seconds before next round

EMOM: 6 minutes

  • 6 balance hop each
  • 20 calf raises

Rest 60 seconds before next round

EMOM: 6 minutes

  • 10 spiderman plank
  • 5 push ups
  • Rest with remaining time


  • A1&2: Sumo squats
  • B1&2: Front jacks
  • C1&2: Power jacks
  • D1&2: Balance hop
  • E: Spiderman plank


Exercises explained:

  • Sumo squats- your feet need to start one whole shoe length wider than your normal squat stance. From there, point your toes outward to the side, so your toes and knees are facing more out than in. This stance helps activate your inner thigh muscles as opposed to a traditional squat
  • Front jacks- instead of your hands going up like a normal jumping jacks, they start overtop of your thighs and lift straight up until parallel to the floor
  • Power jacks- start with your feet together, and as you jack out like a normal jumping jack, you jump out into a squat. NOTEyou can step your feet out into the squat instead of jumping to protect the knee joint
  • Balance hop- start standing, then balancing on one foot, with a slight/natural knee bend, bend forward and reach toward your toe with the other hand. As you stand, pull the leg that was in the back (not on the floor) through and bring the knee up to the ceiling- either standing in a balance, or hopping in a balance
  • Spiderman plank- the pictures above are showed in a mirror format, BUT you do not rotate 180 degrees at all in this move. Start in a plank, lift one knee at a time out to the side so that your inner knee and inner foot are facing the ground (as seen above). Return that foot to starting plank position, and then bring the other leg up and out.

12 Days of Workouts, Day 2

Day 2: Lower Body

Round 1: 3X through

  • Squats
  • Speed skaters
  • Line hops

Rest 60 seconds

Round 2: 3X through

  • Step forward lunges
  • Jump twist
  • Plank w/ glute lift

Rest 60 seconds

Round 3: 3X through

  • Squat to leg abduction
  • Lunge with glute lift
  • Elbow knees

Rest 60 seconds

Round 4: 3X through

  • Hurdle hops
  • Standing leg extension
  • Crunch to glute bridge

Exercises Part 1:

A: Squats

B1,2,&3: Jump twist

C1&2: Lateral line hops

D1&2: Speed skaters

E1&2: Step forward lunges

F1&2: Standing leg extension


Exercises Part 2:

G1,2,3&4: Squat to leg abduction

H1&2: Lunge with glute lift

i1&2: Hurdle hops

J1&2: Elbow knees

K1&2: Crunch to glute bridge


Exercise tips:

In squats, make sure you sit backwards and down, not just straight down. Sitting back keeps your knees behind your toes at the bottom of the squat and keeps the weight in your heels- this is GOOD form! Think of squeezing your glutes to stand up

Jump twist- the driving force of the move is moving your hips by squeezing your abs

Lateral line hops- find a line, or imagine a line and hop side to side over it with your feet together

Speed skaters- the images above indicate the side motions of the movements, try to have 1-2 feet of distance in between each side

In lunges, your knees need to be behind your toes at the bottom of the range of motion, just like squats 🙂

Standing leg extension- squeeze your abs to help with balance! Never let your leg drop lower than a 90 degree angle with your hip, if your leg is not high enough, you will not feel the burn 😉

Squat to leg abduction- you squat, and on the way up from the squat starting kicking your leg directly out to the side (not forward, not backward), and only lift your leg as high as you are comfortable with. As you lower the leg you return to a squat and then on the way up you lift the other leg out to the side. This move is good for the outer butt muscles, so focus on feeling the burn there!

Lunge with glute lift- similar to the move above. As you come up from the lunge kick your leg backward and upward, keeping the leg straight. This lunge is to be done stationary, meaning you do not step forward or step backward into the lunge, rather you split your legs to set your stance and bend your knees from there to start the lunge

Hurdle hops- You begin by doing 2-6 high knees (not pictured) and then you lift your legs ‘up and over’ think of how you would hop laterally over a hurdle or a fence- one leg has to lead and one leg has to follow

12 Days of Workouts, Day 1

It’s snowing, it’s too cold, it’s too early, I’m busy this time of year, it’s to dark to get up for the gym, I don’t feel good, I just don’t want to drive, I don’t have enough time.

Common excuses used this time of year, something about the winter is just less, motivating. BUT you can do anything from the comfort of your own home right? You don’t even need that much space!

So here it is, Day 1 of The 12 Days of Workouts.

All bodyweight exercises, all 30 minutes long (except for Day 12) and all easy to do, with easy to follow pictures!


See how many reps of the folowing 3 exercises you can do in a row, with good form. When you start to lose form, slow down or perform half reps- stop there. Use this as a baseline to compare at the end 🙂

  • Squat reps to failure
  • Push up reps to failure
  • Elbow plank hold to failure, for time

HIIT: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off:

Round 1: 3X through

  • Jumping jacks
  • Push ups
  • Mountain climbers

Rest 60 seconds

Round 2: 3X through

  • High knees
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank jacks

Rest 60 seconds

Round 3: 3X through

  • Vertical jumps
  • Shoulder push ups
  • Side plank hip dips –EACH!

Rest 60 seconds

Round 4: 3X through

  • Front kicks
  • Small shoulder circles
  • Plank with glute raises


Exercises Part 1:

  • A1&2- Jumping Jacks
  • B1&2-Push ups
  • C1&2- Mountain climbers
  • D1&2- Tricep dips
  • E1&2- Plank jacks
  • F1&2- Plank with glute raises


Exercises Part 2:

  • G1&2: Shoulder push ups
  • H1&2: Side plank hip dips
  • H3&4: Modified side plank hip dips
  • i1&2: vertical jumps
  • J1,2,&3: Alternating front kicks
  • K: small shoulder circles


Exercise tips:

  • In any plank position, focus on squeezing the abs tight. Think of squeezing your belly button to your spine. Also think of pinching a penny in your butt checks (Serious!) this helps keep your hips down and in alignment with the rest of your body. Your back side should look like a straight line while planking, even in plank jacks or mountain climbers!
  • During squats, focus on squeezing your glutes on the upward motion to stand. Keep your knees behind your toes when in the down position, and your heels always in contact with the floor. Think of squatting over a port-a-potty- you have to sit back far enough and down far enough to go 😉
  • Moves like tricep dips and push ups can be done on elevated surfaces such as a chair, bedside, couch, etc. Doing tricep dips with your hands elevated makes it harder, doing push ups with your hands elevated makes it easier
  • Exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, vertical jumps can be done in a stepping format instead of jumping to protect injured knees
  • Small shoulder circles should be just that- SMALL! Keeping the up and parallel to the floor the whole time, while also making tiny circles will burn
  • If you have weights, feel free to use them where it is possible to make it harder!