The Secret Sauce to Achieving Your Goals- A quick 1,2 punch

How do you stay motivated?

What is the best way to stay committed to my goals?

I’ve got big dreams but am not sure where to start on achieving them, help!


All of those are lines I’ve heard from people, and likely lines that you have said. 


You want the secret sauce to achieving your goals?

Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it

Yeah, that’s a phrase that is likely circulating the web in millions of places right now.

But that is honestly all it takes.

You want the secret sauce my friend?

Here it is:

  1. Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it

  2. Keep deciding that every single f*cking day until you’ve reached your goal

The rest? It’ll fall into place. But only if you give yourself the benefit of the doubt and actually, oh I don’t know, believe in your damn self for once!


Not what you wanted to hear? 

Tough freaking shit.

Because it’s the truth.

There is no secret sauce. It’s simply getting out of your own damn way. 

Excuses don’t work. Never have. Never will.


Literally. The inability of people to commit to themselves and then have the audacity to complain about their failures truly baffles me. If you’re upset with YOU, then ONLY YOU can change it.

Yeah, not the fluffy bull shit motivation you were expecting to hear.

But hey, you’ve likely seen and heard that kind of motivation in the past. And look where you are, still searching for new motivation, and new ways to achieve your goals.

Do I want to help people? Sure as shit do.

Will I let you be a little bitch about it?

Hell no. 

Stop wasting your time.

Decide you want it.


No matter the goal.

No matter the dream.

Just freaking GO FOR IT. 


It’s either this >>> or this

Hey You, You Can Do This

Hey you, you can do this!

But what ‘can’ I do?

Whatever today is bringing you, I’m here to remind you that you can do it! Roll out of bed with the attitude to take on the world. Step out your front door into the crisp air with the attitude to take on the world. Drive in your car, get to your destination, with the attitude to take on the world. Cook a nice meal, take a nice shower, and go to bed with the attitude to take on the world again tomorrow.

January 2, 2017. To many it is “A New Year”. The chance to start over, to start fresh, to set resolutions. To others a “New Year” is simply another turn in the calendar, and maybe you just keep trucking through life without any resolutions to be set. Regardless of whatever to day means to you, we are all somewhere in life, and we all have somewhere to go.

Maybe today you are starting a new goal, or maybe today you are still striving towards old goals. Maybe today you are saying hello to a new place, or maybe today you are saying goodbye to an old one. Maybe today you woke up and put on 2 left shoes that didn’t match with coffee spills on your shirt, or maybe today things are just going your way and your hair is on point. Maybe today your jeans are fitting a little snug, or maybe today you are reflecting on the 50 lbs you lost last year with desire to keep it up! Maybe today you are starting a new job, or maybe today you are ending an old one. Maybe today you are running on 2 hours of sleep with not nearly enough caffeine to get you through the day, or maybe today you woke up with the most refreshing nights sleep you’ve had in awhile. Maybe today you are hating on Monday, or maybe today you are ready to take on the world, take on the year.

Today you could be embarking on something new, continuing an old adventure, saying goodbye to a loved one, greeting a new born child, and the list could go on. But what is common about today for all of us? That we can do it. If you are setting resolutions I hope you light them with so much fire that even the biggest hurricane couldn’t burn them out. Feel that fire, feel that drive, and never let it go, because it is a wonderful feeling. If you are already feeling on top of the world- you’ve reached last years goals, you are on top of your job, of your fitness, of your life- if you just feel put together- walk around today with a humble attitude. Feel grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished. Heck, use that to encourage, motivate, and help others.

Everyone is at a different point in their life, in today, but we can thrive off each other. Build someone up today, I dare you.

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