Being Youthful this Summer


Summer is amongst us, and for most that means more opportunities to be active. Weather its playing outdoor sports, going hiking or kayaking, or just walking your dog, the summer activities are almost endless.

Have you ever thought about how kids can play outside for hours on end and not seem tired come dinner time? How they can ride their bikes around for miles without complaints of tired legs? Kids are generally beasts in this sense- they can be active for what seems like forever, just because they are having fun. 

Let’s take some advice from kids- being active just by having FUN. Do something that gets you moving, any type of movement, your heart is pumping, and you are smiling ear to ear. Be a KID this summer.

Choose activities that you did as a child or that you would do with a child now, and you’ll be surprised just how good you feel at the end of the day. You’ll be spent, but you’ll be happy. You might be tired, but you also might look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Now I’m not saying you should try to be a kid all day, because lets be honest- work won’t allow that. But instead of sending your children or your dog outside to play by themselves, join them. It will not only get you active but it will also boost your relationship with them. No kids? Drag your best friend your significant other outdoors with you- house chores can wait, summer is short, so have fun and be creative.

Here are some fun summer activities to try!

  • Rollerblading- a lost art!
  • Family bike rides
  • Backyard obstacle courses
  • Slip-n-slide challenge course
  • A day at the park- play frisbee, tag, heck do yoga
  • Family hikes to a picnic
  • Playing catch- or any sport
  • Building a hop scotch city
  • Relay races- grab a baton and take turns running laps!
  • Walking more places- walk to get some refreshing frozen yogurt, and walk back
  • Pool workouts- make them fun!
  • Establish a buddy system- rely on each other to be active every day by having fun

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