Better Medicine Than Anything You Can Find on the Shelves: REST!


As I posted on my instagram account @carlyinfitinyhealth earlier today, I am coming down with a little viral bug. Obviously, this is not something I want, nobody does. It seems that being sick comes at the worst times because it has us feeling crippled of our normal day and wanting to binge watch Netflix and lay on the couch. But we’re humans, better off, we’re Americans. And that means that we have a natural tendency to always be busy and are even uncomfortable straying off our normal daily schedule for a relaxing day instead. We just know there is too much to do.

But if we were to, oh I don’t know, listen to our bodies, our sicknesses would be shorter in duration and fewer in between. YES, rest is your best medicine! So use it! Crawl out of bed, and don’t throw on those work clothes, call in sick, send the kids to grandmas, just do what your body demands. I said this in my instagram post, and I’ll say it again- our bodies are smart, and if we listen to them they can actually tell us some powerful things. By listening and resting we are allowing our bodies to fight off any sickness that is trying to creep into our systems. Better yet, we are staying away from the millions of bacteria sitting on our office desks that could work its way into our systems to make the problem worse.

Being sick isn’t something we can pinpoint when it actually happened- unlike a bone break, we don’t know exactly what caused it. Because of this, there are some things you can do to play it safe not sorry and keep your body and immune system healthy and ready to fight off any invaders!

  • Take a multivitamin- not only will you get the vitamins and minerals your body wants and needs to be healthy- you will also get a daily dose of vitamin C to keep that immune system reared up and ready to go!
  • Drink lots, I mean LOTS of water daily! Drinking water helps regulate your body fluids which is also good for control of bodily functions including your immune system and muscle health.
    • Average water recommendation? 64 ounces daily
    • Go above and beyond! Shoot for 75 🙂
  • SLEEP! Going right back to the title of this post- Rest is your best medicine- and the easiest/cheapest to come by so USE it!
  • Eat healthy- fruits, veggies, whole grain, no trans fat, etc. Yes I said it, eat healthy to stay healthy- weird concept right?
  • Exercise, stay active!- physical activity can help flush out bacteria and other invaders in your lungs and airways and also prevents new bacteria from forming due to the raised body temperature- woah– another cool reason to workout

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