Cueing 101

For all the fitness instructors out there, cueing may be one of the hardest things to keep up with. Sure, the moves can change all the time to keep your class guessing, but unless you are changing how you approach each move and what you are saying to go along with it, your class might not ever notice a difference and therefore get bored. Here are some things to keep in mind and try for your next class! Keep it fun, and keep each day a mystery!


Understanding your class:

  • Some people like to know what muscle they are working and for what reason
  • Some people need positive reinforcement
  • Some people like getting called out in class, some people don’t
  • Some people are stuck in their ways- no matter what you say their energy, form, etc. might just not change
  • Some people like the more “cutthroat” approach
  • Some people are just there to workout for health, without goals in mind

Cues in our “comfort zone”:

  • Keep it up!
  • Squeeze your abs
  • Don’t forget to breathe
  • Only __ more seconds
  • Halfway

Cues to use more of:

  • Remember your goals!
  • Dip deep!
  • If you want to get stronger, you have to push through!
  • Stay with me, you will get through this!
  • You can either cheat yourself, or make yourself better!
  • Find your limits- push past them!
  • When you feel like you can’t do anymore- do one more, then two, then three!
  • Leave it all on the bag!
  • We will keep going until everyone is giving 100%

Get specific!

  • After you show a move- keep explaining how to make it harder, use more force during it, keep good form, etc.
    • “Pulling your hips through on a roundhouse kick will make it more powerful”
    • TRX- “Remember to make it harder, take a step in towards the anchor point”
  • Make the cues fun to understand and remember
    • “Think of sitting on a port-a-potty when doing a squat! You have to sit back and sit low if it’s going to work right”
    • When doing a cross curl- “Think of flexing in the mirror as you bring the weight up to your other shoulder”
  • Let them know what muscles they are supposed to be working!
    • Not only by naming the muscles but also by pointing to the part on your body- some people just don’t know what a hamstring is

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