Healthy Food for Healthy Skin


Day in and day out we are reminded to “eat our fruits and vegetables” and to “choose whole grain over refined grain” and other “tips and tricks” of the sort just to stay healthy. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe all of those healthy options are doing more than benefiting your body internally? All of those foods claimed to be “healthy” or “powerhouses” of food get their cred for a reason. While most of those foods are helping to combat chronic disease they are also doing numerous good deeds for the health of your skin. So if you have a week of bingeing and find yourself staring in the mirror wondering where that blemish came from, now you know why.

Here are just a few examples of some foods to swap into your diet to walk around with that healthy glow!

  • Water: Did you know that water has more benefits than just keeping you hydrated and healthy? It actually has benefits to your skin. You want glowing, healthy skin? Drink up your water! It helps nutrients get into your body, can hide wrinkles, and rids your skin of toxins, leaving you glowing and confident.
  • Antioxidants: these are the number one fighter against free-radicals, which to put it easily, are bad for your body and your skin because they cause damage. Find these healthy antioxidants in colorful fruits and vegetables to protect your skin from long term damage
  • Fish: certain fishes provide different nutrients, all which can benefit the health of your skin in some way. Omega 3’s are known to be good for your overall health, but when it comes to your skin, these fats help keep that oily look away. Fish like shrimp, salmon, and tuna contain selenium which can protect your skin from damage, dry skin, wrinkles, and potentially some diseases. These fish also contain a nutrient called Coenzyme Q10 which is good at combating signs of wrinkles and aging.
  • Fruits and vegetables: The benefits are almost endless here! Already noted that fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, they also provide other benefits. Try eating orange foods such as carrots and cantaloupe which has Vitamin A to protect against dry skin. Choose citrus fruits, red bell peppers, and broccoli among others that are high in Vitamin C to firm up your skin and protect against the sun. To protect against skin inflammation, reach for the foods high in Vitamin E such as spinach and other leafy greens, asparagus, and even oils.
  • Dark chocolate: Rejoice sweets lovers! Not only has dark chocolate been proven to be good in the fight against chronic conditions, it can also leave you with skin that is smooth and glowing! The flavanols in chocolate help improve blood circulation to your face while it hydrates it to leave you with that smooth, fresh glow
  • Green Tea: Although green tea is usually a “You like it or you hate it” thing, this healthy powerhouse beverage can reduce skin inflammation, slow aging process, and prevent sun burns.
  • Olive oil: This oil has more monounsaturated fatty acids than other oils which makes it the champion fighter of aging. The fats that make up this oil play a “youth” defining role when it comes to your skin
  • Cut back on sugar: Refined and process sugar vs. the natural kind found in fruits for example is bad for your skin. Foods that contain refined or added sugar can make your skin oily or trap extra oil which would lead to pimples. If you want a pimple free, beautiful face, pay attention to your nutrition labels to cut out anything but natural sugar!
  • Go beyond just eating: Go to your local health market and find a natural face mask that has fruits and vegetables in it! For example: try a berry facial mask in addition to eating your brightly colored fruits to fight aging on both the outside and the inside!


For a more detailed look into healthy foods for healthy skin, check out my resources at:

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