2016 Fitness Challenge


I believe that your health and fitness is the single most important thing you can invest in
so why don’t more people do so? There are reasons, or “excuses” for everyone who chooses not to work out, eat healthy, go to the doctor regularly.

I am challenging all of my followers, friends, family, clients, passerby-ers to challenge their health and fitness in the new year!

I want to help you reach your goals, which is why I am putting together a 2016 health and fitness challenge group! You might all be on different plans, but you have similar goals. You have 10 days left of 2015 to make this promise to yourself, commit to it before the new year! Ask me about personal training, online personal training, group fitness packages, or Advocare products to help you reach you potential. YOU HAVE POTENTIAL, now go find it!


So tell me,  ARE YOU IN?!

For more information on products, packages, or how the challenge will run, email me at carlymae717@gmail.com

To keep up to date on future announcements, follow my blog page or my instagram pages carlymaee7 and commit_fit_carly

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