The Power of a Morning Workout


Do you feel so exhausted right now that the thought of a workout at any time of the day, let alone the morning, makes you just want to fall asleep right where you’re sitting? What if I told you that a morning workout could improve your sleep? Yep, research shows that a morning workout, especially when made a habit, can improve your sleep quality. The research found on WebMD indicates that exercise and sleep correlate, and exercise in the morning sets your body’s internal clock up for a better pattern throughout the day and night.

What’s even better? Other research has shown that better sleep aids with weight loss goals.

So what if you’re one of those “oh, I already have to be at work at the ass crack of dawn so there’s no way I could fit a morning workout in” people? I never said a full hours workout including strength training and cardio is what you need. A little at home workout could be your key! Wake up in the morning; stick a note on that bathroom door to remind yourself to get to work! Make it a 10-15 minute workout, something that will get your blood flowing and wake your body up. Need ideas? Stay tuned for more posts about at home workouts. And if that morning workout doesn’t tickle your fancy enough, there is no one stopping you from getting your usual afternoon workout in after work! And maybe, just maybe, that morning workout will not only make you more alert for the day ahead, but will spill into extra energy for that 5pm workout class.

Oh and did I mention the crowd that you will find if you do head to the gym in the morning? Yeah, you won’t. Because unlike other people, you are beating the clock, getting a step ahead of the game, getting so much more done in those first few hours of your day than others won’t because they are still sleeping in. Yeah, feel empowered and proud

Now I don’t know about you, but it’s about time for me to set my alarm for my morning workout, will you?

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