A Diet vs. a Lifestyle


The truth about Fad dieting? I hate it.

Everyday we are bombarded with some sort of new magic pill, magic diet plan, magic this, magic that to help us lose weight. Are we really supposed to believe that a body wrap is going to shrink your waistline and get you your dream beach bod? No. So why do we also believe that a 3-day no solid food cleanse, or a strictly no carb diet are also going to help us reach that dream bod?

Fad diets forget about the basic rules of nutrition. It all comes down to calories in versus calories out and balancing the 3 essential macronutrients. It’s as simple as that. Eat good, feel good, and your dream body will take care of itself in due time.

Instead of looking for a diet to go on, instead look for a lifestyle change. Everyone is on a diet weather we choose to call it that or not. What we eat is our diet. What we choose to do with that reflects our lifestyle. So no, lets not go walking around talking to people about what diet they used to get where they are now, instead lets start talking more meaningful. Lets talk about what nutrients we are getting and more importantly how. Lets talk about the way our body feels energized after eating a balanced meal and how our skin feels smoother after a few days of nutrient dense meals. That is the word that needs to be spread. Not that “I didn’t have carbs for one week and I can finally see my abs” or something along that sort. Because the truth about recurring diets is that statistics show that when someone loses a bunch of weigh on a fad, quick fix diet, they are more likely to gain that weight back and more.

My suggestion? Flexible Dieting. Yes, it has the word “diet” in it, but only to reflect that it is your personal diet, what you choose to do with it is completely up to you and how you are feeling that day. It’s simple, hit your macronutrients and you’re good. So you’re going out for pizza tonight? Okay balance that out with lower carb meals earlier in the day. That will allow you to still have that pizza and not feel guilty, because you are still hitting you macro needs. Less guilt about foods=less likely to binge eat, and that my friends is what can be the death of our waistlines. That slice of pizza isn’t going to be detrimental as long as you don’t binge on the whole thing in one sitting.

So be flexible, be you, be happy, and eat.

More about flexible dieting can be found on my friends great site here at http://nikkiandkendall.org



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