So You Want To Meditate

hand of  woman meditating in a yoga pose on beach

So as I sit here wondering what I will write about next my thoughts drift to things that I have yet to try, but want to soon.


It has always been something that sounds intriguing, yet I haven’t found the time to try it. So the research began.

Now I obviously knew that meditation is good for you, good for your mind, your soul, and your life. But I have no idea how beneficial it could be to virtually every area of your life. To keep it simple, I will sum up the facts, the benefits, and the how tos of meditation that I found in my research.

According to WebMD, meditation is great for those who want to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Focus better
  • Boost immunity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • “Heal” the body and mind.

Meditation has also been shown to increase life satisfaction, increase memory, focus, and attention, and can even improve social connectedness. On the flip side, it can also decrease pain and inflammation, decrease loneliness, and even decrease depression.

Now I’m not about to go around saying that I am an expert in meditation because frankly I haven’t even tried it yet, BUT if all of the above mentioned benefits are true, I think I will give it a whirl ASAP. Can you think of a healthier option can you think of to reduce stress? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Give it a try, use your brain, free your brain, and feel the effects!

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