So You Want To Meditate: Part 2


How to Meditate

Over 30 million American’s including hot shot celebs like Oprah and NFL players have tried meditation, so why not you?

What is the biggest turn off that has stopped you from trying it thus far? You don’t know where to start, where to do it at, you don’t “have the time”, or maybe you just can’t sit still. Meditation doesn’t have to follow the basic stereotype of a person sitting on a pillow extremely cross-legged with their eyes closed for hours. No, here are some more basic beginner tips to get you started:

  • Find a space you enjoy that is limited in distractions- think your bedroom, an empty park, heck even your shower
  • Dedicate a specific amount to it each day- like I said it doesn’t have to be long, just worthwhile. Start with 5 minutes a day and build by 5 each week if necessary. Research shows that even 5 minutes of meditation a day can help you reach the benefits, and that true relaxation can start from the minute you start. So no you “don’t have enough time”, maybe just excuses.
  • Allow yourself to free your mind. This might be the hardest to do, and yet it is the most important. In meditation you aren’t supposed to be able to talk your way through it or else it loses its art. So go into it knowing that your mind will be blank, or rather relaxed, for your allotted time. If thoughts start to flow out of the relaxation, let them, but as soon as you start thinking of what you are going to do afterwards then its time to re-collect yourself and start over, or call it a day. As long as you feel relaxed in both your mind and your body then I’d say you are on your way.
  • Most importantly be comfortable, be happy, and keep it unique to After all this is your “me time”, your place to go after or before a long day.

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