Snow Day at Home Workout

Living up here in Northern Iowa, we sometimes get the wrath of all of the major blizzards. And sometimes, we are told we are going to get 8+ inches of snow in Blizzard-like conditions, only to cancel school, work, the gym, and look outside and see a mere 2 inches on the ground.

hmmmph :/

Snowed in, rained in, home with a sick child, whatever your reason is for being home and let’s face it, lazy for a day, here is a great at home workout that you can make as long or as hard as you wish!

Perform the exercises with the prescribed reps as many times as you can in a 10, 20, 30, or even 45 minute sequence.

Push ups X 20


Keep those eyes slightly ahead of you, not down at your feet, squeeze those abs, inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up, pushing with your chest

Squats X 40


Keep that chest tall as you sit, keep the weight in the heels of your feet, sit your butt back, and lift pushing through the heels

Jumping Jacks X 60


Remember: bigger ranges of motion=higher heart rate- get it pumping!!

Tricep Dips X 20


Use any elevated surface, make sure to keep your back and butt close the surface as seen here to prevent shoulder strain

Split Squats X 40 total 


Use any elevated surface, put the back foot on and hop the front foot forward so you are at regular “lunge” stance. Drop the back knee down to the ground, not the front knee over the toe

High Knees X 60 Total


You have ABS, use them! Get those knees up using those lower abs, don’t cheat yourself!

Birddogs X 20 each


Opposite hand, opposite leg reach out in opposite directions while squeezing the core to hold your balance. Hold each rep at “extended” for 3 seconds before retracting. Expert level: try it off your knees in a plank position

Power lunge X 40 total


A strength/cardio move in one. Begin by lunging back, then “power” the back knee up to the ceiling while jumping at the top

Tuck Jumps X as many as you can get in a row without pause


Use your leg power! Hop off the ground by springing off both feet and landing with soft knees!

Ab finisher: Try to complete 4-6 rounds without pause 

Sit ups X 30 seconds


Plank hold X 30 seconds


Ab move of choice X 30 seconds

And don’t forget to have fun with it! If you have a favorite move, add it on! Tie on those shoes, throw your hair up, crank up some music, and GET TO WORK!! Success comes to those who work when others aren’t!

OH and when in doubt if you’re working hard enough, grab a household “item” for extra weight 😉




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